Group Fitness

If you are looking to tone and strengthen your muscles, relieve back, neck, hip or leg pain, improve your golf swing, or add power to your tennis serve, group classes are an economical, effective and fun way to work out. Expect to find better balance, tone and flexibility; enhance the flow of your body movement; and discover the benefits of a strong mind/body connection.

Pilates Circuit Classes

Kristi’s popular hybrid class offers a rapid rotation through exercises on the Pilates equipment and mats. Based on the popular interval training motto “you can do anything for a minute,” this class presents clients with exercises on the equipment and mats, with and without props. Each exercise is assigned for one minute, and then the clients rotate into the next activity. You’ll be amazed how fast this class goes, and how invigorated you will feel at the end.

Pilates Mat Classes

A perfect complement to your private or semi-private work, mat classes offer an effective and rewarding way to achieve your fitness goals. Class size is capped at 10, small enough to ensure an intimate setting, large enough to provide the motivating energy of a group class. If you want to work your core, these classes are a fun and affordable way to find your balance while getting a great workout. These classes also offer a great way to meet new friends and share support with other Pilates enthusiasts.

New clients are welcome to join us in Mat Classes. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries (osteoarthritis, herniated discs, recovery from surgery, et al.), please contact the Studio to discuss the best plan for your body. Your safety and enjoyment is paramount; we may recommend that you begin with some private work before moving into group classes.

As with any personal fitness program, check with your doctor if you have any injuries or pre-existing medical conditions.