Pilates Sessions

Solo Sessions

The centerpiece of Pilates instruction, a Solo Session offers one-on-one instruction on the Pilates equipment. Solo Sessions are simply the fastest way to achieve your personal fitness goals, regardless of your previous experience. Because the sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the client, Solo Sessions are a good fit for anyone, and particularly for those with physical limitations, injuries, or who are pregnant. Solo Sessions are a great way to get started and become familiar with the exercises, equipment and props in the studio. In fact, Galante Pilates requires at least five Solo Sessions before a client can sign up for Pilates Circuit Classes, Duet and Trio Sessions. All Solo Sessions are scheduled by appointment.

Duet Sessions

Designed for two individuals with similar physical ability and a shared commitment to physical wellness, Duet Sessions offer clients the option to enjoy the individual attention of semi-private instruction at a less expensive rate. Challenge and motivate a friend or spouse—or even request to be paired with someone new—to get the benefit of private Pilates instruction! All Duet Sessions are scheduled by appointment.

Trio Sessions

An even more economical way to enjoy individual instruction, Trio Sessions are essentially Reformer classes for three clients. No Galante Pilates Reformer class has more than three participants, thus ensuring personal attention to each client in a challenging, yet encouraging, session on the equipment. At this time, all Trio Sessions are scheduled by appointment and open to clients who have already completed at least five Solo Sessions.