endorsements from OUR current clients

I cannot say enough good things about Galante Pilates! I have done one-on-one personal Pilates training with two other certified instructors and they don’t even begin to compare to Kristi. What I appreciate about her is: (1) She definitely knows her expertise. I feel very confident that she is well trained and knows exactly what she is doing; and (2), Just as important, she has a way of instructing that connects. It’s one thing to find out more…

Darcy Zarelli

What a great place! When I first started I could hardly walk through the door with a bad lower back. Kristi has gone above and beyond to keep me safe yet build my up my strength to actually support my back properly. She is such a joy to work out with. I actually look forward to working out for the first time in my life!!

Sherri Hunt

Fantastic Pilates in Gig Harbor! Galante Pilates has a beautiful studio in an easy location. Kristi is very welcoming and you get great personal attention. She also makes Pilates a lot of fun!

Tara Snyder

I am sold on Kristi Galante and Galante Pilates! Here’s why: 1) Kristi is so professional and runs a great studio! 2) Kristi is very careful with her clients. She is always looking out for me to make sure I don’t hurt myself and that I get the most out of my workout. 3) She is a great listener and works hard to meet my personal health and fitness goals. 4) I have eliminated my find out more…

Beth Burgess

I’d never taken Pilates classes prior to my first session at Galante Pilates, so I was apprehensive and unsure what to expect. Kristi’s approach made me feel at-ease and built my confidence. She is very attentive and knowledgeable, and crafts my individual sessions to fit my particular needs. Every week we are doing something different, which keep the classes fun, interesting and challenging. Given my experience with Kristi and Galante Pilates, I would highly recommend find out more…

Len Zarelli